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While you're taking some time off, our team just released some quality-of-life improvements to supercharge your selling meetings using Draft Order, new ways to get your teams up and running with HATCH, and some gorgeous new-looking screens. Take a look at what's new this month:

🎉 New: In-app Onboarding

Product Updates - Assets-2

We're adding new ways to help you navigate HATCH like a pro. From taking the first steps to learning new features you'll now be able to make the most of it right when you're using it. 

🎉 New: See product details from draft order

August 2021 Update 2

When you’re quantifying an order in the Draft Order screen, now all you have to do is click on the product image to open the PDP for that product. Nice!

🎉 New: Jump to your Last Seen Assortment in draft order

Product Updates - Assets (1)
You can now filter your draft order to show only the items from your last seen assortment slide. That way you can quantify items that you just discussed with your buyer.

💗improved: Always show size header in Draft order

Product Updates - Assets (2)
Now when you scroll down on your draft order, the size headers will stick to the top of the screen. That way you can always see what column and size you’re working on.

💗improved:  Enhanced context menus

Product Updates - Assets
Right-click on an item, or click the three dots? You might notice a new look for the context menus. In addition to looking nicer, there is also always a description for every button now. No more trying to describe what the duplicate button looks like! 🙌

🐛 Fixed:

  • You couldn’t enter quantities for the second delivery of an option in a draft order. Now you can. 
  • Sometimes you couldn’t delete an item from a draft order. That’s solved now.

👶 Minor changes:

  • Notification banners now show up at the bottom right of the screen instead of the top right. 

Happy Selling!
The Hatch team