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We always working very hard to continually make your experience using the digital showroom better, so we make sure we release improvements to the showroom all the time.

🎉 NEW: The Lobby

We know that a sales appointment isn’t only going through the collection, it’s natural to catch up with your buyer at the start and switch to talking about other topics. Being able to sit and chat with your buyer is an integral part of the selling experience.

That’s where The Lobby comes in.

Get a full screen view to chat face to face, and start your appointments naturally before launching your presentation. Want to finish the conversation full screen? Want to show your buyer a physical sample on a larger window? No problem! You can switch back to The Lobby at any time.

HATCH Connect - The Lobby

🎉 NEW: Tooltips

Ever worked in the Digital Showroom and wondered what a button did? Wonder no more! Just hover over the button and we’ll show a little popup telling you what it does. Magic!


💗 IMPROVED: Draft Order - Swap that color and change deliveries

We all know that sales conversations (or any conversation for that matter) aren't linear, so having flexibility and being able to handle a change of a buyer's opinion is super important and now super easy. Sellers will be able to swap the color or delivery of an option in Draft Order, no more need to go back to the assortment or delivery overview!

2021-09-09 16.42.46 2

💗 IMPROVED: New Look Presentation List, and menu within a presentation

The info you need should be right at your fingertips. That’s why we’re updating the menus to put all the info you need in one place. For example, if you ever forget which presentation you’re currently looking at, you can just check at the top of the new menu! With the new design direction, you'll start seeing the old turning into new, including the Presentation List and the menu within a presentation. 

HATCH new presentation list
HATCH new design menu

💗 IMPROVED: Delivery Drops

With Delivery Drops, brands will be able to express, name, and order what options belong where. Does a drop go across months? Not a problem anymore!