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Digital showroom - fast & furious

May 17, 2021

The world we live in today is all about speed. Whether you are preparing for a sales season or having a sales appointment using the HATCH Digital showroom, we all want things to be easy and quick. This mini-release is focused on just that! Including features such as repositioning assortments, hotkeys for efficiency, and integrations and APIs.

 ➡️ reposition assortments

Not entirely happy with the flow between your assortments? Not to worry, a long-awaited feature to help you is here! An ability to easily and quickly arrange your assortments in any sequence you'd like! Here's how:

HATCH - Reposition assortments

🔥 HOT(keys) for efficiency

Always looking for more ways to work faster? We are too! Here's another feature to help you get your work done as efficiently and quickly as possible. Have a look at the hotkeys cheat sheet to find out what actions you can unlock by simply using your keyboard 👇

HATCH Hotkeys Cheatsheet

🧩 Integrations & APIs

Customers and Partners of HATCH will now be able to create orders in downstream applications from a presentation through the magic of integrating with our Order API.

Note: Customers, partners, or HATCH will need to build something in the middle to make the magic happen.


Want to find out more about what HATCH can offer your brand? 

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