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Faster and confident buying decisions with draft order.

July 6, 2021

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Finish each appointment with confidence with Draft Orders 

The most user-requested feature is finally here! We are beyond excited to bring draft orders into the Digital Showroom. Draft Order adds a whole new dimension to the assortment selection process, allowing Sales reps and Buyers to discuss assortments and budgets simultaneously. Sales reps can also prepare proposals with quantities, speeding up the entire appointment process. Buyers leave the sales appointment with a quantified selection. Draft order is available for in-showroom, remote and hybrid experiences. 

Many Buyers don’t finish an order during the appointment. This leads to changes in the selection after the appointment, resulting in extra work. With Draft Order, we want to reduce the gap between the sales appointment and the final order. Discussing budgets and quantities during the appointment is key to help Buyers confirm an order faster and with fewer changes. 

Draft orders can be sent directly to an order management system, further reducing the admin work for sales to a minimum. Draft Order supports minimum order quantities and multipliers at launch with further improvements coming in the next months.

Thanks to our partnership with JOOR, brands working with their leading wholesale platform can benefit from the same efficiency gains. Sales reps can send draft orders directly to their platform, where retailers can review and confirm orders directly.

Draft Order is part of HATCH Select, a set of features that enable Sales reps and Buyers to make the best buying decision, resulting in higher satisfaction and fewer last-minute changes. With HATCH Select, Sales reps and Buyers can: 

  1. Add items to a selection in one tap, 
  2. Review the selection using merchandising criteria
  3. Manage the delivery of the entire selection 
  4. Draft an order by adding quantities per SKU
  5. Share selection/draft order via email 

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a REFRESHED UI to house your brand! 

To bring Draft Order to life, our UI needed a refresh to accommodate the new experience. In addition, we wanted to take a step further into making the experience more your brand and less ours. Our new UI wants to make it easier and faster for you to get work done while giving more space for your brand to shine! 


Unified controls 

The canvas controls have all been unified to the bottom of the page, making it easier to build proposals in all formats.

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New Icons

The refreshed UI comes with a whole new set of matching, custom-made icons to help you navigate the interface even faster. 


Responsive Menus

Menu buttons are now responsive, expanding to display sub-menu options inside, keeping the overall experienced focus on the task at hand.

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The new UI is available now in the assortment builder and HATCH Select. We will be rolling out updates to other sections of the Digital Showroom in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more! 

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