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🎉 NEW: Present mode

Picture this: you are working on the 10000 things that are going on during your sales season. Your customer walks in, and after some chit chat and a cup of coffee you want to dive straight into your presentation. You are about to share your desktop to show on the big screen, but sh*t, you first need to close everything you were working on...

This pain will soon be nothing more than a distant memory with Present Mode. In one click, you can go full screen and remove all the distractions. Lets you focus on your presentation to make it the best ever! An easy way to clean up your screen when you're presenting to your customers. Marie Kondo would be proud of us. YES, it does bring us great joy!! 

Also, we love that it is basically our version of dark mode, but don't tell anybody.

HATCH Present mode

🎉 NEW: flexible filters

Now you’ll have many more filters to choose from in the catalog. Flexible Filters gives brands the opportunity to define their own filters using attributes on the option level. These attributes will show up in the Product Information section on the Product Detail Page, and in the filters. Organic Cotton Polos in May? Easy. Vegan Donuts with honey glazing? Yummy. Also, not here. 

Note: filter options need to be provided by each brand, so availability of new filters depends on the brand’s integration.

Flexible Filters-3

🎉 NEW: Improved catalog search

You can now search for items far more easily. You’ll be able to search using any information that’s shown on the Product Page, such as color, fit, material and more. You can also search using style or option codes, even pasting multiple codes into the search field at once! And you can also search using the last few digits of a style code, to make it even easier to find what you’re looking for.

💗 other improvements:

✅ The PDF export now contains one assortment slide per page instead of 4. 
✅ Products are now smaller in size by default when added to the canvas, so you can fit more products on the same screen size. 
✅ Bigger might not always be better, but the canvas is now bigger! Giving you more room to show off your collection. 
✅ Presentation ID in the presentation list can now be copied.
✅ You can now change the style for product info in the canvas.
✅ A tweet is not enough? You can now write up to 5000 characters in a single text box.

🔗 Integrations & APIs

Introducing a new Options Version on integration API (Options V2), while keeping the older version (Options V1) unchanged. Both versions support flexible filters but future development will be done on V2 only.