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More people are going back to the showrooms so this release is all about showroom appointment improvements. Take a look!

πŸŽ‰ NEW: Set up a new digital showroom with device groups

We've completely revamped how you set up a digital station to work with HATCH. With device groups, admin users can connect devices in a physical space, creating a persistent setup. For instance, you can set a persistent connection between a touch screen and a video wall, making it easier and faster for users to start a new appointment.

πŸŽ‰ NEW: QR login

Log in to a shared device with QR login, making it easier to sign in while keeping every account safe and secured through Single Sign-On. All you have to do to do scan the QR code and you're in!.


Don’t have a phone? No worries! There’s a link you can follow from any other device. Or in the real worst case, you can log in manually on the touch table.

πŸŽ‰ NEW: look and feel of login experience

Logging into the showroom, selecting your brand, and selecting the showroom or CMS now has an entirely new look, complete with animations. It looks great!

New login experience HATCH Digital Showroom

πŸ’— IMPROVED: Filter on Color Name  

You'll now be able to filter on Color Name instead of Color Code in the catalog. 

Filter on Color Name in HATCH Digital Showroom

πŸ’— IMPROVED: hatch connect 

Looks and works better when participants have their camera off. Our Appointment info menu got a makeover. And as the icing on the cake: the 'End appointment' button is finally red!